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EUROBASKET TWENTYNINE 2023 - General rules

All the individual players adhering this invitation, can participate at the 5-on-5 and 3-on-3 international tournament EUROBASKET TWENTYNINE 2023 , admitted according the following categories

CATEGORIES Please check in the box on the right, the categories admitted in each tournament.
Men Open - Men 2004 - Men 2005 - Men 2006 - Men 2007 - Men 2008
Women Open - Women 2004 - Women 2005 - Women 2006 - Women 2007 - Women 2008
MIX (groups with male and female players in the same group and teams with male and female players in the same team)
Mix 2009 - Mix 2010 - Mix2011

Each team can be composed of players coming from different Clubs.

In case there should not be enough teams of the same age in a group, Organizers can join together teams from two group with maximum one year of difference

Before every game, managers, coaches and players must present a valid identification document.

Games, IN ALL CATEGORIES, will be played according to F.I.B.A. rules; each interval will be of one minute and three minutes between the second and third quarter.

If possible, the games will be officiated by two referees.

Women categories will play the games with the ball size nr. 6.

Category Mix 2010 - Mix2011
  Games will be played with a Minibasket ball size # 5
  Zone-defense is not allowed

Every team must bring their own basket balls for warming up before the games

In case of a tie between two teams, the classification will be prepared according to the score of the game between the two teams.

In case of a tie among three or more teams, the classification will be prepared according to these rules:
a) quotient-system (points scored divided points received) considering only the games among the interested teams.
b) In case of a tie among three or more teams after this calculation, the classification will be prepared according to the quotient-system (points scored divided points received) related to all the games of the group.

-           Team A vs Team B 76 - 60
-           Team A vs Team: C 58 - 80
-           Team B vs Team C 65 - 62

-           Team A: Scored 134 : Received 140 = Quotient 0,9571
-           Team B: Scored 125 : Received 138 = Quotient 0,9057
-           Team C: Scored 142 : Received 123 = Quotient 1, 1544

-           1 Cl.) Team C
-           2 Cl.) Team A
-           3 Cl.) Team B

Transportation in the cities hosting the tournaments is at charge of the participants. .

The name of the Hotel assigned to the teams, will be communicated at least one week before the beginning of the tournament.

European Community citizens can access medical resources free-of-charge by presenting their European Health Card.

Upon request, Organizers can provide transportation from and to airports and in tte cities hsting the games

For any interpretation of the rules, Organizers will consider the webpage www.sportevents.it in italian language


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